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beautifully crafted music for games and movies

Jan has provided music for documentaries, feature films, short movies and musicals, as well as for classical ensembles. He is a prize winner of the prestigious Transatlantic International Film Music Competition and a finalist of the International Film Music Competition in Zurich.

Jan's passion for Fantasy and Science Fiction led to the creation of this project in 2014.  Being an experienced composer of music for companies/organizations such as Sony, The National Geographic, Ernst&Young and PETA, Jan eventually decided to use his creative abilities to live his passion: Songs from the Lost Land was born.

Essentially, the music on this site is intended to be used in non profit projects. If you like what you hear, why not getting a score tailored to your needs?


Genres featured on this page

Main focus is on fantasy/rpg music; however, an ever growing number of sci-fi/action tracks will be added over time, located in this section.

Audio File Format (soundcloud download)

WAV, 48kHz/24bit

Audio File Format (This website)

Due to technical restrictions, music tracks on this website (when downloaded) are only available as 128 kbps mp3s. For the original WAV files, please visit soundcloud and download from there. Links are provided beneath every single track.

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